Amidst a vibrant atmosphere of academic enthusiasm, Mark Louie Ramiscal, a distinguished BSE Mathematics fourth-year student from Pangasinan State University โ€“ Alaminos City Campus (PSU-ACC), is clinching closer to getting the prestigious Gawad Parangal Para sa Natatanging Mag-aaral ng PSU . This esteemed accolade, renowned for commemorating exceptional accomplishments and invaluable contributions across diverse domains, signifies a remarkable milestone that underscores the brilliance of Ramiscal and brings unparalleled honor to the university.

The Gawad Parangal Para sa Natatanging Mag-aaral ng PSU, referred to as the pinnacle of recognition in the academic realm, is bestowed upon individuals who demonstrate supreme dedication, exceptional leadership, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Ramiscal’s remarkable journey from a diligent student to a โ€˜Gawad Parangalโ€™ nominee is inspiring.
His motherโ€™s absence shaped Ramiscalโ€™s formative years, as she worked abroad as a domestic helper. He assumed the roles that life had unfairly dealt him – becoming both a father figure and a guiding light for his family. His father’s hearing defect added a layer of complexity to their struggles, but young Louie’s unyielding resolve shone through even in those elementary school years.
From the moment he stepped into the realm of academia, Louie was driven by a burning awareness of his family’s modest social standing. He attacked his studies with unwavering zeal, boldly facing down bullies and surmounting obstacles that would have felled a lesser spirit. Emerging unscathed, he blazed a trail of excellence from elementary through senior high school.
As the pages of Louie’s life turned to the college chapter, his endless determination propelled him to explore opportunities beyond his circumstances. PSU-ACC halls became his academic haven, where he embarked on a journey to fulfill his dreams. While pursuing a Bachelor of Secondary Education, majoring in Mathematics, Louie’s leadership abilities soon became evident as he took on the role of Vice Governor for The Prime, the student organization of BSE Mathematics.
But the tapestry of life is woven with triumphs and trials, and Louie’s journey was no exception. In 2020, during his second year of college, he underwent an operation to conquer gallstones that sought to hinder his path. The subsequent year brought a heart-wrenching blow with the passing of his youngest sibling. Bereft, Louie grappled with the crushing weight of grief and the looming specter of uncertainty.
Amid this darkness, a beacon of hope pierced through the gloom. Closed doors swung open, revealing pathways to a brighter future. Louie emerged as a recipient of the DOST-JLSS scholarship, a lifeline of support in his relentless pursuit of education. His resilience earned him the honor of representing PSU-Alaminos City as a beacon for the DOST-SICAP program. Not content to stand on the sidelines, he fearlessly embraced the stage as a representative for his university in the National Statistics Month Quiz Bee.
Louie embodied the indomitable human spirit, demonstrating its remarkable ability to rise from the depths of adversity. He is much like a resurgent phoenix from its ashes. His journey transformed him into a student of unmatched strength and prodigious talent. As he stands on the precipice of graduation, Louie’s voice echoes with wisdom and hope, a clarion call to his fellow PSUnians: “Always remember our narratives that we want to share purposefully and also all the million reasons why we still keep going despite all the odds that we have. My fellow PSUnians, remember, โ€œWhatever will be, will be”!