Practice Teaching Unit of Pangasinan State University Alaminos City Campus (PSU-ACC) recently conducted a Mid-Conference, a pivotal event in the journey of its interns toward becoming educators on April 8.

The conference was organized and led by Mr. John Michael Salazar, the Practice Teaching Coordinator. The event brought together a room full of aspiring educators, marking a significant step in their professional development.

The conference kicked off with the Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics and English Interns. The afternoon session was dedicated to the BEED Interns. The comprehensive agenda covered the Internsโ€™ issues and concerns, CBAR updates, forms to be accomplished, and the Grand Demonstration Teaching Schedule.

Interns from various schools, including San Vicente NHS, Alaminos City NHS, Magalong NHS, Alos NHS, Agno NHS, and Sual NHS, took the stage to share their experiences. They candidly discussed their struggles, realizations, and the invigorating aspects of being an intern.

Their narratives also included their participation in various activities such as LAC sessions, judging student performance tasks, and attending events like Junior and Senior Promenade.

The afternoon session echoed the morningโ€™s sentiments, with BEED interns sharing their unique experiences. These included facilitating school events like feeding programs, induction programs, Art Month programs, clean-up drives, earthquake drills, and more. They also highlighted their attendance at LAC sessions to acquire new knowledge.

A significant part of the conference was dedicated to addressing the issues raised by the interns. These included guidance from their Cooperating Teachers, lesson planning, and workloads.

The advisers, including Mr. John Michael Salazar, and Mrs. Babylyn Balgua-Fernandez, addressed these concerns and reminded the interns to maintain good manners and right conduct, emphasizing the importance of treating all members in their cooperating school with utmost respect.

BEED students also shared their challenges, such as a lack of internet access in their designated locations, heavy workloads, and struggles with belongingness and behavior of both students and cooperating teachers.

Mr. Salazar and the BEED Advisers offered advice and encouragement, reminding the students to persevere through difficulties and stay resilient on their journey to becoming educators.

Toward the end of the conference, Mr. Salazar discussed the PT Forms 7-10 to be accomplished by the Teaching Interns and presented the schedule of the Grand Demonstration Teaching. The interns then proceeded with their CBAR consultation and updates and signing of necessary letters.

The conference concluded on a high note, with Mr. Salazar encouraging the interns, โ€œEndure the challenges; feeling tired is normal, but never give up.โ€

This served as a beacon of hope, reminding the interns that their journey, though tough, would lead to the sweet taste of victory. This conference marked a significant milestone in their journey towards becoming educators, instilling in them a sense of resilience and determination.