The Pangasinan State University-Alaminos City Campus (PSU-ACC) has recently added new musical instruments to its collection, thanks to the efforts of its talented students who participated in various competitions.

The Masirib Kultura, a cultural organization of PSU-ACC, has been representing the school in different events where they showcase their skills in dancing, singing, and other forms of art. The prizes they won from these contests were used to purchase the instruments they needed for their performances and practices.

According to Mr. Lord Calumm B. Ocuaman, Campus Culture and Arts Coordinator and Masirib Kultura adviser, the new instruments include three tambourines, a drum set, an acoustic guitar, a keyboard with accessories, a beatbox, a ukulele, an amplifier, a speaker, a mixer, a music stand, and a violin. These instruments will benefit not only the members of the organization but also other students and faculty who want to use them for their own activities.

The Masirib Kultura members have proven their excellence and dedication in bringing honor to their Alma Mater, not only in academics but also in sports and talent showcases. The instruments are a testament to their hard work and passion for their craft. They have shown that they deserve these tools to enhance their abilities and express their creativity.

The PSU-ACC encourages all PSUNIANS to never hold back and let their talents shine. The school is committed to providing quality education and opportunities for its students to develop their potential and achieve their goals. The instruments symbolize the schoolโ€™s support and recognition of its talented students.

Congratulations to the Masirib Kultura!

Mabuhay PSU-ACC!