The Pangasinan State University – Alaminos City Campus (PSU-ACC) celebrated National Teachersโ€™ Month today with a series of fun and surprising activities for its teachers. The students showed their appreciation and gratitude to the instructors with a flash mob, a โ€œharanaโ€ (serenade), and some games.

The event started with a bang as the students performed a flash mob at the morning flag ceremony. The teachers were amazed by the unexpected performance. The students danced and swayed to the music, expressing their love and respect for their teachers.

The celebration continued at the atrium, where the students serenaded their teachers with heartwarming songs. The SSC Executive Vice President, Arifah Hadji Abdullah, gave an appreciation message to the teachers, calling them the unsung heroes who make a difference in their studentsโ€™ lives.

The celebration then became more interactive with games that tested how well the students knew their teachers. The first game was โ€œBaby Pictures Guessing Game,โ€ where the students had to identify the teachers from their baby pictures. The second game was โ€œAct Your Teachers,โ€ where selected students imitated their teachersโ€™ behavior and mannerisms. The games brought laughter and joy to the atrium as the students and teachers bonded over their shared amusement.

After the games, Dr. Ellen Ugalde, the Dean of the College of Teacher Education (CTE), and Dr. Jenylyn Oboza, gave heartwarming speeches that left the students and teachers feeling emotional, appreciated, and loved. They reminded them of the importance and value of their roles as educators and learners.

In the afternoon, the different organizations had their own celebrations of Teacherโ€™s Day with their respective program advisers.

The celebration was a memorable day for all teachers of PSU-ACC. They felt the gratitude and adoration from their students, which would inspire them for the rest of their careers. The celebration also strengthened the relationship between teachers and students, showing the importance of honoring the individuals who educate, inspire, and guide every studentโ€™s life.