A significant step toward collaborative innovation and shared success forges with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Pangasinan State University Alaminos City Campus and 105th Maneuver Company, RMFB1.

The singing activity held with great anticipation, symbolizes the convergence of visions and the commencement of a journey that seals mutual growth and development. Both parties highlighted how to integrate their strengths, resources, and expertise to maximize the impact of their joint efforts.

The presence of Dr. Rosario DL Valencerina, the Campus Executive Director of PSU ACC, PCPT Jane Michael M. Algo, the Acting Company Commander of 105th Maneuver Company, RMFB1, Dr. Elmer C. Diocares, the former extension Coordinator, PSSg Alejandro P. Palaganas, team leader 105th Maneuver Company, RMFB1, Dr. Jocelyn De Vera, the extension coordinator, and other members and representative of both parties underscores the importance of the partnership.

Within the MOU, the roles and responsibilities of each party are outlined. The collaborative spirits stem from a common understanding of research, extension, and gender and development programs, projects, and activities. Both the PSU and REGIONAL MOBILE FORCE BATALLION1 105TH MANEUVER COMPANY share the view of the importance of having strong partnerships to attain their mandates towards nation-building.