To promote a more robust culture of research, the Research and Extension Unit of the campus conducted a seminar workshop held at the Audio-Visual Room of PSU-ACC on October 24.
The workshop started with the message of the University Director for Extension, Prof. Francis Albert T. Argente. He emphasized the essence of the PSU Research, Extension, and Innovation division’s motto, “Innovative research for extension”, which means developing technological innovations to benefit our community’s stakeholders. In addition, he also reiterated that research is needed in our daily life, which people must embrace.
Dr. Jenylyn V. Oboza, Campus Executive Director, also encouraged everyone to write research and extension proposals that would benefit the community. Moreover, to enlighten each faculty of how to do research, Dr Christopher J. Cocal discussed the Techniques of Writing a Research/Extension Proposal for External funding. He mentioned different projects and research that is under university funding.
Furthermore, to ignite a more robust research culture, Mr Bob F. Roaring and Mr Andhee Jacobe discussed Enrolment and Re-orientation to Research/Extension Project Management Information System (REPMIS). This system is a record system where researchers can pass their proposals.
After the discussions, there were groupings for the creation of research proposals. Submission of the proposals will be through the REPMIS.