The Pangasinan State University-Alaminos City Campus (PSU-ACC) welcomed its new student leaders and interest clubs with an oath-taking ceremony today, November 8, at the PSU-ACC Purita Braganza Building Atrium. The Campus Executive Director (CED), Dr. Jenylyn V. Oboza presided over the event and delivered a speech to inspire the new leaders and club members.

Dr. Oboza praised the new officers of the Supreme Student Council (SSC) and the various student organizations, as well as the newly accredited interest clubs, for their achievements and initiatives. She urged them to uphold their responsibility to represent and serve the students, and to be aware of their roles and duties. She also motivated them to dedicate themselves to the campus and to work with integrity and competence to improve its quality.

Dr. Oboza acknowledged that being a student leader or a club member is a challenging and rewarding experience that requires passion and dedication. She said that the student leaders and club members are the partners of the faculty members in serving the students and the campus. She also expressed her gratitude to the students and the organization advisers for their support and cooperation and expressed her confidence in the student leadersโ€™ and club membersโ€™ abilities and potential.

Dr. Oboza concluded her speech with the phrase, โ€œHumayo kayo at magpakarami,โ€ which translates to โ€œGo forth and multiply.โ€ She clarified that she meant this symbolically, not literally or biblically. She said that she hoped that the student leaders and club members would be role models and catalysts for other young people, who are the hope of the nation.

The oath-taking ceremony was a significant event for the new student leaders and club members, who received the applause and admiration of the CED, the faculty members, and their peers.

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