One of the highlights of PSU’s week-long celebration of its 43rd founding anniversary is Laro ng Lahi wherein all campuses participated in various traditional Filipino games at Bayambang Campus on October 5, 2022.
PSU Bayambang Campus, the host of this event, warmly welcomed the employees of the different campuses. The program started with the parade of the participants going to the open grounds for the preliminaries. The cultural group led the warm-up Zumba dance. Employees played patintero, marites went to the market, palo sebo, pukpok palayok, sack race, kadang-kadang, tug-of-war, and habulan ng biik. Even though some employees were bruised and injured, everyone worked hard to win each game.
The Laro ng Lahi event fosters peace, harmony, benevolence, and togetherness among PSU personnel.