Say goodbye to your former chamber and extend a hand to your new home. From the cheers and cries of your high school graduation, let go of the past and eagerly welcome the opportunities awaiting you beyond the threshold of your new home.

As you embark on your upcoming college journey, prepare to become a proud PSUnian, let excitement fill your heart and envision a future brimming with hope and aspirations towards your dream profession. Rest assured, here at PSU-ACC, we are fully committed to supporting you every step of the way.

According to the study of Gerdes, college is an exciting time of life. It provides countless opportunities for growth and an accumulation of rich interpersonal experiences, yet the transition to college is marked by complex challenges emotionally, socially, and academically. But do not despair, for PSU-ACC will support, mold, and cultivate your extraordinary talents as you live a life of excellence.

The time has come to showcase your skills. Your chosen university stands prepared to serve you with the necessary expertise in your chosen endeavours. We offer a various support groups that will assist and help you whenever needed. Embrace the opportunity to participate in numerous events! You should not shy away; instead, proudly display your talents and abilities!

Get acquainted with your newfound friends and forge lasting connections. One who will support your growth and help you unlock your potential. As you go through the journey towards success, exercise discernment in choosing friends who will uplift and inspire you. Embrace the excitement of unleashing your intrapersonal skills, as they are meant to be shared with others! Cast aside shyness and forge new friendships together.

Get ready to experience a roller coaster ride and a wobble of emotions. From late-night cram, reviews, midnight cries, everyday rants, and sleepless twenty-four hours. Alongside with a flood of activities and waves of quizzes, assignments, and reports. But remember that when you sow endurance and resoluteness, you will reap success.

Even though the road is hard, there is a way to transcend it with your faith in God, and your determination will be your skate in the tunnel of the road in your new academic journey. Lean not on your own understanding; focus on what adds value and knowledge to you. Never lose hope; it’s still far, but you are already far from where you came from. One step at a time, you will get there soon.

This is the time when the beginning has to start. A beginning that surely does not end up in remorse. A beginning that deeply teaches you to be passionate. The best beginning is one marked with confidence. Hold your pen and inscribe your future success stories within the walls of the university.