The Pangasinan State University-Alaminos City Campus (PSU-ACC) joined the nation in celebrating the 123rd anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service on September 28 and 29. The theme of the event was โ€œTransforming Public Service in the Next Decade: Honing Agile and Future-Ready Servant-Heroesโ€.

The celebration started with Dr. Agerico F. Oboza, Campus Administrative Officer, ‘s welcome remarks. He congratulated the employees who would receive awards later that moment and said they should dedicate themselves to their fellow citizens. โ€œWe owe our loyalty to service, and that is public serviceโ€, Dr. Oboza added. Afterward, Miss Cyfrel F. Ragusante, Campus Human Resources Coordinator, stated the purpose of the celebration. She asserted that the purpose of the celebration is to uphold excellence in public service. Ragusante also said that this year’s celebration focuses on cultivating the dynamism of public service. Furthermore, Dr. Jenylyn V. Oboza gave a message to the employees and pointed out that they do not only serve the people, but they also serve the Lord. โ€œSo, if you give this little to people, thatโ€™s how much you serve the Lord. We are serving the Lord through His people,” as expressed by Dr. Oboza.

Employees were awarded right after the short break. The awards include the Exemplary Behavior Award, Most Compliant Faculty Members, Most Outstanding Faculty Member, and Service Loyalty Award.

The following employees bagged the awards:

Exemplary Behavior Awardees: Dr. Brandy Celino and Mrs. Catalina Versoza

Most Compliant Faculty Members: Mr. Jerome Abellera, Miss Merjulyn Atiga, Miss Baby-lyn Balgua, Mrs. Julifer Cerdan, Mr. Harley Bristol, Miss Donnalyn Gomez, Mr. Ricardo Salazar, Jr.,

Most Compliant non-teaching staff: Mrs. Luisa Andrea Junio, Ms. Erica Shalymar Benitez, and Ms. Jeneline Carillo

Most Outstanding Faculty Member: Miss Zarah Jane Anuddin

Most Outstanding non-teaching staff: Mrs. Judith Tolentino

Service Loyalty Awardees: Dr. Jim Aleta, Mr. Mervin Anoc, Mr. Kassel Cadelina, Dr. Potenciano Conte, Dr. Brandy Celino, Ms. Marjorie Mariado, Mrs. Catalina Versoza, Dr. Elmer Diocares, Mrs. Rose Dyan Sagun, Mr. Jelson Ugalde, Dr. Jocelyn De Vera, Mrs. Judith Tolentino, Mr. Melchor Tugade, Mrs. Marilou Guiang, Mr. Dโ€™Alchemy Mones, Dr. Christopher Cocal, Dr. Cyfrel Ragusante, Prof. Rene Cacho

With sparkling smiles on their faces, Dr. Ellen Grace B. Ugalde delivered her closing remarks and focused on hoping that the event may serve as an inspiration and motivation to all. Dr. Ugalde noted, โ€œWe serve [the] PSU, our stakeholders, and most especially, our students. Teaching is not just a profession; itโ€™s a calling.โ€

Later that afternoon, the Laro ng Lahi took place at the PBB grounds. Various games were played, such as “pukpok-palayokโ€, โ€œentranceโ€, โ€œtug of warโ€, โ€œsack raceโ€, and โ€œpamaypay relayโ€. In the end, the green team emerged as the champion, which was comprised by Dr. Jim Aleta, Mr. Hezekiah Austria, Mr. Harley Bristol, Dr. Janice Carambas, Miss Ana Marie De Guzman, Ms. Frences Finez, Mr. Fidel Manaol, Jr., Mr. Lord Ocuaman, Mr. Jhoepet Ramo, Mrs. Rose Dyan Sagun, Miss Maria Angelica Zacarias, Mrs. Marilou Guiang, Mr. Romald Noma, Mr. Clyde Rivera, Mr. Aldrin Villaruz, Mr. Arnulfo Gutierrez, Jr., and Mr. Gerald Navida.

The blue team got second place, and the team is composed of Mr. Mervin Anoc, Mr. Marino Bartolome, Jr., Mr. Kassel Cadelina, Mrs. Julifer Cerdan, Dr. Elmer Diocares, Miss Michelle Lacson, Mrs. Irene Noe, Mr. Benedicto Rabina, Miss Sixiane Recepcion, Mrs. Mary Ann Soriano, Ms. Erica Shalymar Benitez, Ms. Marjorie Mariado, Ms. Maribeth Rabina, Mr. Melchor Tugade, Mr. Raymond Platon, Jr., Prof. Rene Cacho, and Mrs. Luisa Junio.

Lastly, the red team bagged third place. The members of the team include Mrs. Divina Abogado, Miss Merjulyn Atiga, Miss Hannah Botolan, Dr. Carlo Genster Camposagrado, Dr. Potenciano Conte, Jr., Ms. Coleen Escosio, Mrs. Danielle Madero, Dr. Jenylyn Oboza, Mr. Fidel Racuya, Jr., Ms. Jobel Rosales, Mr. Jelson Ugalde, Mr. Diosdado Escobar, Mr. Larry Nieto, Ms. Clarissa Reyes, Mrs. Catalina Versoza, Mr. Levi Jethro Balgua, Mr. Ruissan Ramos, and Mrs. Judith Tolentino.

On the second day, the special treats for employees were simultaneously conducted at different places on campus. It includes a one-stop service that was held at the campus library, and the manicure, the pedicure, the foot spa, and the massage were all held at the New Building.

Moreover, one of the highlights of the celebration was Zumba, which was held on September 18 and 25 after the flag-raising ceremony.