In a heartwarming ceremony held after the flag-raising today, the Alaminos campus recognized the outstanding students and employees who have exemplified the core values of Filipinos through their actions and character.

The awarding, part of the campusโ€™s values restoration program, included honorees for the third and fourth quarters of 2023, covering the months of September, October, and November.

Dr. Agerico Oboza, the Campus Administrative Officer (CAO), Arifah Hadji Abdullah, the Supreme Student Council (SSC) President, and Mr. Hezekiah Austria, the Values Restoration Officer, were present to honor the awardees.

The Model Employee for September, awarded for the core value of Excellence, was Mrs. Amalia A. Ancheta, recognized for her humor and joyfulness. The Model Student for September was Jomar B. Jacob, who displayed remarkable courage.

For October, the core value of Spirituality was highlighted. Mr. David Rey Bautista was named the Model Employee for showing godliness and holiness, while Jomar B. Jacob once again received the Model Student award, this time for his charity.

Novemberโ€™s core value of Patriotism saw Dr. Janice R. Carambas as the Model Employee for her perseverance, and Mark Anthony G. Noblado as the Model Student, honored for his word of honor.

A special award was presented to Abbygail Negrete for her honesty in returning a valuable item to its rightful owner, setting a powerful example for her peers.

The campus community is proud of these individuals who uphold the characteristics of a Filipino and inspire others to do the same. The awards serve as a testament to the importance of values in shaping a harmonious and progressive society.